East Baltimore Front Stoop

What a cool old photo from 1975. This is a group of older residents of East Baltimore hanging out on their front stoops. Any idea where this is?

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East Baltimore residents
East Baltimore residents

Diggin’ the shoes on that guy too. He’s a hipster and he doesn’t even know it.

Source: Smithsonian

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  • Scott Bennett

    504 and 506 S. Luzerne Ave. in Highlandtown – 1 block south of Eastern Ave. / Patterson Park.

  • Deborah Gibson Kosnett

    Scott probably nailed it – I was going to say that area of south Baltimore between Fells Point and Greektown. I looked on Google street images, and it looks right. These rowhouses were fronted with iron spot brick; there was no need to cover with formstone, as the brick did not deteriorate. I have a rowhouse in Greektown, same type of brick, probably built just a bit later.
    What’s really funny is, that picture could have been taken today. The resident still look like that, for the most part. 🙂

  • ratpH1nk

    Looking between Bing Maps (fall/winter shot) and Google Maps (summer looking) I think this is the 500 block of S Luzerne. Scott is right.

  • Sarah Lawrence

    Baltimore doesn’t have stoops. We have steps.