Lined Up Outside Movie Theater

Here’s a photo from the 1940s showing a crowd of people lined up outside a movie theater. Anyone recognize this theater?

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Thursday night shoppers in a line outside a movie theatre
Thursday night shoppers in a line outside a movie theatre

Source: Library of Congress

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  • BaltimoreLoves YouHon

    The Baltimore Sun of January 1st, 1911 states that the “New Theatre” Playhouse will be built at the intersection of Park and Lexington and will retain the name “New Theatre” for all time.

  • Jim
  • JudyAnn Furth

    It was at 210 West Lexinton Street — But part of it was converted into a store — and the entrance was moved to Park Avenue sometime before the 1970’s. So the marque in the picture was before my time — but I saw the first Star Trek Movie at that theater.