Stanley Theatre on Howard Street in 1933

We came across this gem on Flickr, and it’s a terrific one. It appears to be a photograph from the 1930s, showing the Auditorium and Stanley Theatres on Howard Street. The Stanley was at the corner of Franklin and Howard, and tragically torn down in the 1960s. To add insult to injury, nothing went up in its place. It stands today as a parking lot.

Auditorium and Stanley Theatres on Howard St.
Auditorium and Stanley Theatres on Howard St.

Source: Flickr user hoteldennis

We wanted a little more specifics on the timing of the photograph, so we dug up an advertisement from The Baltimore Sun, printed on March 9th, 1933. The ad was for “42nd Street” playing at the Stanley with 14 stars and 200 girls! So, the above photo was likely from the spring of 1933, right during the throes of the Great Depression. Below is the ad.

1933 advertisement for Stanley Theatre
1933 advertisement for Stanley Theatre

If you want to read up a little more on the theater, check out Kilduffs.

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