Where is This in 1909 Baltimore?

Does anyone recognize where this would be today? This advertisement is for real estate back in 1909 in The Baltimore Sun.

October 30th, 1909 real estate advertisement
October 30th, 1909 real estate advertisement

Source: Proquest

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  • gayle curry

    Potomac Street. East side of the block between Lombard & Baltimore. From a map of the area from 1905 Potomac used to be Canton Street

  • Greg Stec

    In the link below, I say Ellwood Avenue, part of which borders the east side of Patterson Park, is labeled Canton Street. It’s a 1907 map. East Avenue, the next block east of Canton/Ellwood, is shown. Collections.digitalmaryland.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/mcmc/id/42/rec/18 . Google DigitalMaryland, then look for Mapping Maryland’s Counties, then look for the 1907 map of Baltimore

    • Marlene Baker

      I agree with you, definitely Ellwood Ave.

  • Jessica Markiewicz

    It’s the odd side of the unit block of S. Ellwood!

  • Patrick Trainor

    #3-17 S. Ellwood which in Md. State Archives used to be called Canton St. This is the East side of the street where this photo is taken as the doorways are to the right hand side of the window. the “even side” or west side of S. Ellwood Street has the door and window location reversed.