Where Is This on Eutaw Place?

This lovely old photo of Baltimore shows us Eutaw Place as it looked way back in 1903. But we need a little help in locating this image.

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Eutaw Place, Baltimore, MD - 1903
Eutaw Place, Baltimore, MD – 1903

Source: Library of Congress

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  • William Connery

    Check out pages 120 and 121 of the book ‘Baltimore – Then & Now’. There is the photo you show here and a modern photo of Eutaw Place. It seems the lovely fountain was donated in World War II as part of a scrap medal drive!

  • Paddy Wacker

    It is looking Southwest down Eutaw Place where Bloom St intersects on the south side.

  • Roland

    Why do things look so much nicer in the past, then presently – just say’in!