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These are cool old maps of Baltimore and its surroundings in Maryland.
Perspective map not drawn to scale. "Copyright ... Spofford & Hughes, New York." LC Panoramic maps (2nd ed.), 255 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. " ... sketched in pencil ... in the Fall of 1911." map 43 x 77 cm.

What a beautiful old image of Baltimore. We dug this one up at the Library of Congress. Source: Library of Congress

This is a fascinating map from 1838, showing a potential route for a canal between Baltimore and Washington. Source: Library of Congress

This is a fascinating old article that we came across in The Baltimore Sun. It was printed on July 26th, 1914 and we just have to share it with you. The study of street names in any city involves in its broader sense of the study of the lives of the founders of the State and nation; for in no other form so personal does history perpetuate the records of those who laid the foundations of our country. The very existence of many men would be lost to posterity were not their names emblazoned on the great thoroughfares of some city. Baltimore has had an interesting past and the names of her streets stand as milestones from era to era of her continued growth. The original streets were named in the charter of the town, but after 1729 the names of new streets which had been added were preserved merely by oral tradition. In those days it was no such difficult task to find one's way about the town, and in all probability the streets were seldom called by name. Here's a bit of trivia that will blow you away. In 1752 Baltimore had but 27 houses (this included the church and the...

This is a travel map of Baltimore from 1848. Click on it for a larger version. Source: University of Texas Libraries

What a cool old map of Maryland. This one's from 1795. Click on it for a larger version. Source: University of Pittsburgh Darlington Digital Library

Now this is one of the cooler maps that we've found. It shows the campus of the Naval Academy in 1924. Source: University of Texas Libraries

This is a really old, 1732 map of Maryland and neighboring states by the namesake of Charm City, Lord Baltimore. Source: University of Pittsburgh Darlington Digital Library

Check out this great old map of Roland Park in 1941. Source: University of Maryland This is what it looks like today, courtesy of Google. Thanks to the awesome collection available at the University of Maryland.

If you were fortunate enough to own an automobile in the 1920s, you might take a map like this and explore the countryside outside of Baltimore. Source: University of Maryland

We found this great map in the Johns Hopkins digital collection. It's F. Klemm's 1873 map of Baltimore and suburbs. Source: Johns Hopkins Sheridan Library

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