IMAGE: Photo of 1897 Pennant-Deciding Game Between Boston and Baltimore

Bird's-eye view of baseball game at Union Park ballpark in Baltimore, Maryland. Crowd fills grandstand, bleachers; spectators stand on edge of outfield. Wooden fence in foreground. Printed on front: "The winning game of 1897, Boston vs. Baltimore, copyright 1897 by E.D. Macfee." Typed on back: "Union Park, home of the Baltimore Orioles of Ned Hanlon's ear, Temple cup champions 1894-1895 and 1896. Runners up in 1897 at the time this picture was taken. Park held at peak about 7,500. Baltimore played in National League thru 1899 season when the League reduced from 12 to 8 teams, dropping Baltimore who had lost money, and many star players. American League formed in 1901 and Baltimore played thru first season disbanding in mid-season of 1902, when franchise was transferred to New York, the present Yankees, then called Highlanders obtaining it. The Park was located on Huntington Avenue, now 25th Street, in the 200 and 300 blocks, approximately between Calvert Street and Barclay Streets, Guilford Avenue was not cut thru. The entrance to park was approximately where Guilford Avenue now intersects 25th Street. Park was torn down in about 1905 or 1906, and was used for sand lot games, Sunday School league games Saturdays only. The present 2400 block Guilford Aveue running from 24th Street to 25th Street was practically the playing field. White houses shown in picture are still standing and represent the 2400 block Guilford Avnue [sic]."

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This photo shows the deciding game of the 1897 National League season with the Boston Beaneaters taking the pennant from the Baltimore Orioles, in Baltimore at Union Park (also known as Oriole Park III). The ballpark was located at

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