Baltimore Sun Ads the Day Pearl Harbor Was Attacked

We always find the juxtaposition of normalcy within the context of historical events fascinating. We wrote a post quite some time ago about life in D.C. the day Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. Here’s another interesting piece of history … some old advertisements from the Baltimore Sun, printed on December 7th, 1941. So, this is the newspaper that was sitting on your grandparents dining room table when they first heard that Pearl Harbor had been attacked, and these are the advertisements that they saw that Sunday morning.

Lionel Trains advertisement
Lionel Trains advertisement
Pollack’s advertisement

… and here’s the one that will suck up at least 30 minutes of your time. See any homes or addresses you recognize? Maybe even your own! Go ahead and click on the image for a larger version.

Baltimore Sun classifieds - December 7th, 1941
Baltimore Sun classifieds – December 7th, 1941