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Revisiting the German U-Boat Deutschland’s Historic Visit to Baltimore Harbor in 1916

1916 view of the Deutschland
In 1916, the German U-Boat Deutschland arrived in Baltimore Harbor, a historic event in the U.S. before our entry in World War I. Revisit the submarine and Captain P. Koenig with photos and more from the Ghosts of Baltimore.
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Remember the post we did a while ago about the German sub that visited Baltimore Harbor during World War I? It was the Deutschland in 1916, before the U.S. entered the war. Here is another great photo of the sub.

1916 view of the Deutschland
1916 view of the Deutschland

Source: Library of Congress

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And here’s a photo of the captain.

Capt. P. Koenig, Paul Hinken
Capt. P. Koenig, Paul Hinken

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