Baltimore history

The lost and untold history of Baltimore.

Baltimore waterfront

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Cool Views of Waterfront in 1938

These are great old photos of the Baltimore waterfront from 1938. Thanks to the Library of Congress for these. Source: Library of Congress

The City of Baltimore / sketched and drawn by C.R. Parsons. (1880)

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1880 Bird’s-Eye View of the Baltimore

How cool is this print? This bird’s-eye view of the city was done in 1880. Source: Library of Congress

eet in slum area. Baltimore, Maryland

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Street Scene in Baltimore Slum

This photo from the Library of Congress is from 1938 and was labeled as a slum area in Baltimore. Any idea where this is? Source: Library of Congress

Peabody Conservatory of Music advertisement

Old Ads & Classifieds

Ad for Peabody Conservatory in 1906

Here’s an old advertisement from The Washington Post, printed on September 6th, 1909.

Lexington Market

Great Photo of Lexington Market in the Late 1800s

The date on this photo is somewhere in the latter half of the 19th century. Maybe somewhere in the 1870s? What do you think? Source: Library of Congress

Baltimore, Maryland. Restaurant sign on Baltimore street (1939)

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Fried Scrapple for 15 Cents!

Here’s a cool old photo taken in April of 1939. It shows restaurant signs on Baltimore St. Some pretty good prices! Source: Library of Congress

Baltimore in 1837

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What Baltimore Looked Like in 1837

This is pretty cool. It’s a drawing that we dug up at the Library of Congress, showing Baltimore as it looked back in 1837. Source: Library of Congress

woman trolley driver - 1943

Woman Trolley Conductor

Who is this? I wish we could do some digging to figure out, but all we know is she was one of the women trolley conductors in Baltimore during World War II. This photo...

Baltimore shoe shine boy - 1943

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Nameless Baltimore Shoe Shine Boy

Wonder what happened to this young guy. Source: Library of Congress

Johns Hopkins in 1902

Johns Hopkins University in 1902

What a great photo. This is part of Johns Hopkins in 1902. Anyone know where this is? Source: Library of Congress

aftermath of 1904 Baltimore fire

Historical Events

Incredible Panoramic Photo of 1904 Baltimore Fire

This is a great shot of the horrible devastation of the 1904 fire that ripped through the city. Click on it for greater details. Source: Library of Congress

advertisement for wife

Bizarre Baltimore

1863 Advertisement for A Wife

Now this is a creative way to find yourself a wife. Place a classified ad in The Baltimore Sun. That’s what this gentleman did exactly 150 years ago today. The best part is this line:...

October 24th, 1938 classifieds

Old Ads & Classifieds, This Day in History

Apartment Listings 75 Years Ago Today

Looking to rent an apartment in Baltimore 75 years ago? Check out these prices from the classifieds section in The Baltimore Sun. Do you see any addresses that you recognize?

B & O coal pier


Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Coal Pier

This is a terrific old photo of the ol B & O coal pier in the Baltimore Harbor. There’s no date on this, but I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 1900. Source: Library of Congress

Postcard showing baseball players seated and standing in stadium.

Other Cool Stuff

1909 Baltimore Orioles Team Photo

This is an awesome old photo. Check it out … it’s the 1909 Baltimore Orioles. Source: Library of Congress

Batterin' Babe - Look At Him Now

Notable People & Places

Batterin’ Babe … Look at Him Now

Here’s a cool image we found at the Library of Congress. It’s a print of a song written in honor of Baltimore’s native son, George Herman “Babe” Ruth.

Pigtown in 1920

Amazing Old Photo of Pigtown (c. 1920)

Now this is really cool, and you can see how the neighborhood received its name. Pigs! Anyone recognize where this is? Source: Mike Copperthite

Baltimore Sun advertisement October 22nd, 1853

Old Ads & Classifieds, This Day in History

Giles’ European Hotel Advertisement (1853)

Here’s an old advertisement from 160 years ago today, printed in The Baltimore Sure. This is for the Giles’ European Hotel at 124 Baltimore Street.

Baltimore Basilica

Great Old Photo of the Baltimore Basilica

What do you think of this old photo? I’m not sure when it’s from, but it’s likely somewhere around the 1900s. Source: New York Public Library

Circa 1903. "Lexington Market, Baltimore, Maryland." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

Great Photo of Lexington Market in 1903

This is a beautiful old photo of Lexington Market at the turn of the century.