Baltimore history

The lost and untold history of Baltimore.

Tindeco ad in 1923

Old Ads & Classifieds

Girls! Girls! Girls! Good Wages. Steady Work.

What an eye-catching advertisement in the old classifieds of the Baltimore Sun. This is from February 26th, 1923, advertising jobs for the Tin Decorating Company of Baltimore (Tindeco).

1781 map of Baltimore

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1780s Map of Baltimore

Now this is a really cool map of Baltimore. It dates back to around 1781. It was done by Frenchman, Louis-Alexandre Berthier. Source: Library of Congress

Baltimore Sun advertisement

Old Ads & Classifieds

For Sale: Lager Beer Saloon on Thames

This is cool. In the May 10th, 1865 edition of the Baltimore Sun, this advertisement ran for the sale of a saloon at 98 Thames St. The streets have since been renumbered, but this...

runaway horse!

Bizarre Baltimore

Drunk Driving and a Runway Horse on North Howard Street

Check out this crazy story from the Baltimore Sun. It was printed on July 15th, 1922. In view of hundreds of shoppers on North Howard street yesterday, Patrolman William M. Miller stopped a runaway...

Juy 16th, 1911 ad in the Baltimore Sun

Old Ads & Classifieds

Ad for Baltimore-Built Spoerer Car in 1911

There used to be an old car factory in Baltimore employing 74 residents. And, there was a locally built vehicle called the Spoerer. Below is an old ad we dug up for the vehicle....

In the Paper

September 14th, 1963: Front Page of the Baltimore Sun

Here’s what the front page of the Baltimore Sun looked like exactly 50 years ago today.

Old Ads & Classifieds

1911 Advertisement for Winton Six at Mt. Royal and North Ave.

If you were looking to buy a Winton Six back in 1911, this is where you’d go.

Hotel Kernan & Maryland Theatre

Other Cool Stuff

Wow. Amazing Photo of Hotel Kernan in 1906

This is such an incredible photo. It shows Hotel Kernan and Maryland Theatre in 1906. Source: Library of Congress

Notable People & Places, Old Ads & Classifieds

1981 Boog Powell Miller Lite Commercial

Amazing. What more can I say about this old commercial.

Notable People & Places

Oprah on WJZ-13 Baltimore in 1983

This is an old clip of Oprah during her Baltimore TV days interviewing some dude named Herman Darvick — who apparently has a LinkedIn profile — to talk about autograph seeking. This was taped...