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The lost and untold history of Baltimore.

Photograph of the Inspection of Bananas in Baltimore, Maryland (1910)

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Unloading and Inspecting Banana Shipments

This looks like it’s probably early 20th century, circa 1910. We dug this one up at the National Archives. Source: U.S. National Archives

Pratt Street power plant

Then and Now

Then and Now: Pratt Street Power Plant

Check out the Pratt Street Power Plant back in the day. These were bleak times. The Library of Congress site didn’t have a date associated with this, but I’m going to guess it’s sometime...

portrait of John Wilkes Booth

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Original Ad For John Wilkes Booth’s Acting Debut

This is absolutely amazing. We found the original advertisement in the Baltimore Sun for John Wilkes Booth’s acting debut in Richard III. The play was at the Charles Street Theatre on Tuesday, August 14th,...

Charles Pratt

Google Field Trip, Why Is It Named ... ?

Why Is It Named Pratt Street?

Lucky for you, we dug up an interesting article in the Baltimore Sun from September 9th, 1951, exactly 62 years ago today. Many think that Pratt St. is named for Enoch Pratt, the noted...

Wiessner Brewery, 1700 North Gay Street, Baltimore

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Incredible Old Photo of the Wiessner Brewery

Photos like this are the reason we love doing this blog. And, what makes it even better is that the building is still around. Thank God for architectural preservation. This is a photo of...

sunset over Ft. McHenry in 1906

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Sunset Over Fort McHenry in 1906

What a great photo to end our first week. This is a shot of a sailboat in the foreground and Ft. McHenry in the background in 1906. Source: Library of Congress

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Remember Ben McDonald?

Wow, this guy’s a blast from the past.  He was good, but nowhere near the level he should have been. The first overall pick in 1989, he was extremely hyped coming out of LSU....

Mt. Vernon Place in 1906

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Another Great Photo of Mt. Vernon Place

Like the one we posted earlier this week, here’s another great photo of Mt. Vernon Place. Source: Library of Congress

Billy Dee Williams - Colt 45 advertisement

Why Is It Named ... ?

Why Is It Named Colt 45?

I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that at least 50% of you already know the answer. For the other half, you’ll find this to be an interesting bit of Baltimore trivia....

Ripken celebrates victory

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Cal Ripken Catches Last Out of 1983 World Series

Many of you remember the glorious 1983 season when the O’s beat the Phillies to take the World Series. Let’s relive that moment by watching the video below. And this is what took place...