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These are the best posts from Ghosts of Baltimore, the lost and untold history of Baltimore.

Wiessner Brewery, 1700 North Gay Street, Baltimore

Incredible Old Photo of the Wiessner Brewery

Photos like this are the reason we love doing this blog. And, what makes it even better is that the building is still around. Thank God for architectural preservation. This is a photo of the old...
Johns Hopkins hospital in 1903

Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1903

Here is another great photo from the Library of Congress. It shows the hospital at Johns Hopkins in 1903. Source: Library of Congress
Complete circle view of Baltimore from the Emerson Tower in 1913

Wow! 360-Degree View of Baltimore from Emerson Tower (1913)

This is amazing … just as cool as the 360-degree view of Civil War D.C. from the Capitol Dome. It’s a full 360-degree panorama taken in 1913 from the top of Emerson Tower. Click on it...