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Tag: Baltimore in the 1950s

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Baltimore Century Theatre

A Look into Baltimore’s Century Theatres in the 1950s

Take a look back at the popular Century Theatres that once lined the blocks of Lexington, Charles and Cathedral St. in Baltimore during the 1950s. Unfortunately, these theatres were torn down in the 1960s and there is no trace of them today.

Maryland Casualty clock tower in the distance (1950s)

Exploring the Maryland Casualty Clock Tower in Baltimore

Take a journey back in time to explore the Maryland Casualty Clock Tower in Baltimore. Learn about the history of the tower and the stunning architectural structure it once was. See photos from the 1940s and 1950s for a glimpse into the past.

Pan Am’s First Passenger Jet to Europe (1958)

Experience the dawn of the jet age with Pan Am's inaugural 1958 transatlantic passenger jet flight from Washington, DC to Paris. See a film from the era and learn about this historic event.

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