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Historic American Buildings Survey, From an old photo, DISTANT VIEW (Left to right, Church at Calvert and Pleasant Streets and First Unitarian Church, Charles and Franklin Streets) - Washington Monument, Mount Vernon Place & Washington, Baltimore, Independent City, MD

A Journey Through Time: Washington Monument and Historic Churches of Baltimore

Explore a captivating snapshot from the Historic American Buildings Survey, featuring the Washington Monument and two significant Baltimore churches. This blog post delves into the rich architectural heritage and historical narratives of these iconic landmarks, showcasing their enduring relevance and the stories they continue to tell.

Trash and Old Tires Litter the Shore at the Middle Branch of Baltimore Harbor, 01/1973.

Reflecting on the Past: 1973 Photograph Reveals the State of Baltimore Harbor

Journey back in time with a 1973 photograph of Baltimore Harbor, which highlights the environmental and economic challenges faced by the city during that era. The image showcases the littered shoreline of the middle branch of the harbor, with trash and discarded tires scattered around. The photograph, retrieved from the US National Archives, serves as a poignant reminder of the...

Baltimore 1938

A Colorized Look Back at Baltimore in 1938

Take a trip down memory lane and explore the past of Baltimore in 1938. Get a vivid colorized look at the city thanks to Jordan Lloyd's incredible photos. Visit GhostsofBaltimore.org to learn more.

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