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Step Back in Time: Vintage Photograph Showcases the Magnificent Camden Station in 1872

Take a journey back in time with our captivating vintage photograph of Camden Station captured in 1872. Discover the intricate details of this iconic Baltimore landmark, and explore its evolution over the years. Learn more about the rich history of Camden Station and the surrounding area, including its role in shaping the city's landscape. Join us on this nostalgic journey...

Way Before Camden Yards, in 1905

What a lovely historical photo of Baltimore. You’re looking at the familiar scene of the Camden warehouse, now the backdrop to the loveliest ballpark in all of America.

Beautiful aerial view of Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. May 6th, 2011

Why Is It Named Oriole Park at Camden Yards?

Dedicated in 1992, it was the first of the new wave of retro-style ballparks. The one built just prior to Camden Yards was New Comiskey Park (i.e., U.S. Cellular Field) for the Chicago White Sox. Compared to the beautiful confines of Oriole Park, it's pretty bleak.

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