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Exploring Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium: A Look Back in Time

This blog post explores the history of Baltimore's Memorial Stadium through an old photograph taken in the 1990s. The photo shows the stadium's interior with an overgrown field and empty stands, but it also captures the essence of what the stadium meant to the people of Baltimore. Learn about the stadium's significance as a sports venue and community gathering place,...

Baltimore, MD--October 1983--Eddie Murray is shown at the victory parade after the Orioles won the 1983 World Series. (Sun file photo.)

We Miss Eddie Murray

Eddie Murray was the best, especially in 1983. We really miss him and those winning Orioles.

Harry S Truman addressing the crowd at a train stop in Baltimore in June of 1948. (Robert F. Kniesche/Baltimore Sun)

President Truman’s 1948 Campaign Stop in Baltimore

We came across a great photo of President Truman on a train in Baltimore, so we did a little digging. Here's the article that we dug up in The Baltimore Sun on June 19th, 1948. Remember that this was the election in which Truman beat Dewey. Check out the great old photo and read the excerpt from the article!

JFK and Jackie in Dallas, 1963

The Darker Side of Kennedy’s Visit to Baltimore in 1962

We wrote the other day about Kennedy's visit to Baltimore at Patterson Park. Well, we found another story related to that visit in 1962, with a darker side. Read on to find out more about the threat to kill President Kennedy during his Baltimore visit in 1962.

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