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Tag: Baltimore in the 1970s

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plane crash at Memorial Stadium 1976

Plane Crashes Into Memorial Stadium

Donald Kroner crashed a plane into Baltimore's Memorial Stadium in 1976 after a Colts vs. Steelers game. Nobody was injured, but it made for a crazy story the next day.

Maryland National Bank

The Color-Changing Letters of the Maryland National Bank Building

Learn about the color-changing letters of the Maryland National Bank Building (now Bank of America Building) in Baltimore. The letters lit up in three colors and were used to predict the weather. The letters were removed in 1994 and donated to the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Cal Ripken Jr. high school photo - 1978

The 1978 Cal Ripken Jr. High School Championship Game

Before Cal Ripken Jr. was an Oriole, he was a Maryland high school champion. Read about the 1978 championship game, where Cal Ripken Jr. pitched Aberdeen to the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association Class A baseball title.

Trash and Old Tires Litter the Shore at the Middle Branch of Baltimore Harbor, 01/1973.

Reflecting on the Past: 1973 Photograph Reveals the State of Baltimore Harbor

Journey back in time with a 1973 photograph of Baltimore Harbor, which highlights the environmental and economic challenges faced by the city during that era. The image showcases the littered shoreline of the middle branch of the harbor, with trash and discarded tires scattered around. The photograph, retrieved from the US National Archives, serves as a poignant reminder of the...

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