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The Gruesome Murder of Julie Ebby: A Look Back at a Baltimore Tragedy from 1963

Baltimore Sun headline - 1963
Take a look back at a gruesome Baltimore tragedy from 1963, when police found the decapitated body of a woman stuffed in a trunk. Learn more about the murderer and the victim, Julie Ebby.
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Jeez, this is gruesome. Here’s a crazy article that we dug up in the Baltimore Sun from May 27th, 1963.

Police early yesterday found the decapitated body of a woman stuffed in a trunk in an apartment in the 400 block of East North avenue.

Sgt. Alexander Baxter and Detective Patrolman Charles Zeller, of the Homicide Squad, discovered the body after the apartment’s occupant, a 58-year-old painter, reported at police headquarters that he had murdered the woman.

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After finding the body the two officers went to a wooded area alongside the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad near Loch Raven road and recovered the head in a shopping bag.

Ya, this is nuts. The story continues below.

Police were able to give only a tentative identification. They thought the woman was about 60 years old and that her name was Julie Ebby.

Investigators said she had no permanent address and had received aid from the welfare department.

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the painter, who went to headquarters at about 5:30 A.M., told police the woman had been staying with him since he met her in a Greenmount avenue tavern.

He said he choked and stabbed her early Thursday during an argument in which she had accused him of stealing her glasses.

When her nude body would not fit in the footlocker, the painter said, he cut off the head and carried it to the wooded area.

Police said the black-handled butcher knife used by the slayer was lying on the kitchen sink.

The trunk that held the body was alongside the refrigerator nearby, they reported.

Police said he was convicted of manslaughter in 1946 in the death of another woman who was stabbed more than twenty times and left behind a wardrobe in an apartment on East Thirtieth street.

At his Criminal Court trial, the defendant pleaded insanity, but drew a 10-year-penetentiary sentence when the judge refused the plea.

At that time Dr. Manfred Guttmacher, a court psychitrist [sic] described him as a “high-grade moron” with the mentality of a 10-year-old, and added that “he is the victim of sadistic impulses.”

Baltimore Sun headline - 1963
Baltimore Sun headline – 1963

What a sick and twisted individual this dude was. Absolutely crazy. I’m guessing this was too long ago for most of you to remember, given that it was just over 50 years ago.

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