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Meet the Real Officer McNulty

Two McNultys

Digging through The Baltimore Sun archives, we came across something awesome … another policeman named McNulty! Much like the famed Ghosts of DC hero, Officer Sprinkle, Officer McNulty was a local micro-celebrity. Unlike the alcoholic, womanizing, tragic character of the HBO …

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Catonsville Home for $57 Monthly Payments

Catonsville home advertisement

This is an ad that we dug up in The Baltimore Sun from January 7th, 1951. Here are the same homes today on Google Street View. [googlemaps,204.7,,0,0&layer=c&panoid=M6U_iwkKDt-zXuFV9IC59A&cbll=39.274521,-76.710113&ie=UTF8&ll=39.242358,-76.668777&spn=0.363212,0.724411&t=m&z=11&source=embed&output=svembed]

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