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Journeying Back in Time: Baltimore’s 1943 Trolley Commute

Relive 1943 Baltimore: A captivating trolley commute captured by photographer Marjory Collins. Step into the past as we explore this iconic moment in the city's history.
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Step back in time to Baltimore, Maryland, in April 1943. A captivating photograph by Marjory Collins (1912-1985) reveals a continuous stream of trolleys carrying workers from the Bethlehem Fairfield shipyard to downtown Baltimore. As the shift changed, passengers rushed for other trolleys and buses while new ones arrived every minute to manage the traffic.

In the 1940s, trolleys were the lifeline of many American cities, including Baltimore. Collins’ photograph immortalizes this era, reminding us of the connectivity and shared purpose these trolleys brought to the city.

Today, while trolleys may be scarce, their legacy lives on, etched into Baltimore’s history. So, the next time you walk through the city’s bustling streets, imagine the trolleys that once carried the dreams of hardworking individuals during this pivotal period in American history. Let’s celebrate the marvels of the past that shape our present.

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Baltimore, Maryland. Continuous stream of trolleys carrying workers from the Bethlehem Fairfield shipyard to downtown Baltimore disgorges passengers who rush for other trolleys and buses. Trolleys from other parts of the city are sent to this route at hours of the shift change in order to take care of the traffic and follow each at one minute intervals
Source: Library of Congress

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