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The Discovery of John Wilkes Booth’s Acting Debut Advertisement

portrait of John Wilkes Booth
Discover a fascinating piece of history: the original ad for John Wilkes Booth's acting debut in 1855 found in the Baltimore Sun.
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A fascinating piece of history has been uncovered with the discovery of the original advertisement for John Wilkes Booth’s acting debut in Richard III. The advertisement was found in the Baltimore Sun newspaper and reveals that the play took place on Tuesday, August 14th, 1855, at the Charles Street Theatre.

John Wilkes Booth in Richard III
John Wilkes Booth in Richard III

John Wilkes Booth is most famously known for assassinating President Abraham Lincoln, but prior to that, he was a successful stage actor. This discovery sheds light on his early career and provides insight into the theatrical world of the mid-19th century.

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The advertisement itself is a testament to the art of marketing, as it boasts of the play’s impressive cast and the “magnificent scenery and appointments” of the Charles Street Theatre. It’s a reminder that even in the 1800s, advertising played a crucial role in promoting cultural events and drawing audiences.

Overall, the discovery of this advertisement is a thrilling reminder of the power of historical artifacts to illuminate the past and provide context for the present. It’s amazing to think that this small piece of paper has survived for over 165 years and continues to tell a story.

portrait of John Wilkes Booth
portrait of John Wilkes Booth

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