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Tag: Baltimore in the 1850s

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1853 Towson Town Plan

Map dated Dec. 14, 1853 which shows proposed lots for a courthouse, jail and alms house in Towson Town, Md., if it is chosen as the county seat of Baltimore County by the voters.

Colored lithograph by E. Sachse & Co., one of two prominent lithography companies in Baltimore in the mid-1800's, that features various views of Baltimore prior to 1853. The center view is from Federal Hill but differs somewhat from others in the collection taken from the same point. From the upper left corner, in clockwise order, the small surrounding views are as follows: Washington Monument, Market-Street, Broadway, City Hotel and Battle Monument, Odd Fellows Hall, St. Paul's Church, Exchange Hotel, Calvert Street City Spring, Lighthouse and Fort McHenry, Gateway of Greenmount Cemetery, The Cathedral, St. Alphonsus Church and Zion's Church. The Market Street scene in upper row is a miniature replica of the Market Street print in this collection, Cator Print number 168. The Odd Fellows Hall at Gay and Fayette Streets was built in 1831 and enlarged in 1843. St. Paul's Episcopal Church, built in 1817 after designs by Robert Cary Long, was destroyed by fire in 1854. It stood on the site of the present St. Paul's Church which was built immediately thereafter. Among the other prominent structures shown, Old Zion Church, St. Alphonsus Church and Greenmount Cemetery gateway are standing today. The view of the harbor was made from the landward side of the Lazaretto.

A Look Back at Baltimore in 1853 Through a Rare Print

Take a look back at the city of Baltimore as it appeared 160+ years ago through this rare print from 1853. View the Washington Monument, Market Street, Broadway, City Hotel, and more in this historic lithograph by E. Sachse & Co.

Baltimore Sun advertisement 1850

The Cost of a Journey to California in 1850: A Baltimore Sun Advertisement

Take a look at this Baltimore Sun advertisement from 1850 for the steamship Cherokee, commanded by Henry Windle, departing for Chagres, Panama. See how much it cost to travel to California before the Panama Canal was built! A state room was $100, or $3,000 today, and passage to California was $300, or $9,000 today.

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