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Tag: Baltimore in the 1910s

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Cruising the Baltimore Streets in a Jitney

Photograph taken of a loaded jitney bus traveling east on Fayette Street at its intersection with Gay Street in Baltimore, Maryland. One passenger each is standing on the rear and side footboards. A streetcar is stopped at the intersection (left).

Then and Now: Howard St. and Saratoga St.

Photograph taken looking north at tracklaying on Howard Street at its intersection with Saratoga Street in Baltimore, Maryland. On the northwest corner at number 300 North Howard Street is Chas. Willms & Co., manufacturers and importers of fine surgical instruments.

Amazing Lost Baltimore Streetcars

Incredible series of photos from 1915 showing Baltimore streetcars across the city. Published by the president of the United Railways & Electric Company.

glass of whisky

Witnessing the Whisky Specials of Baltimore During Prohibition

Experience the wild excitement of Baltimore's "Whisky Specials" during Prohibition. Read this article from The Baltimore Sun, printed on November 28th, 1918, and learn about the scramble for the cars, the wild dash for the booze, and how the police viewed it all.

Baltimore Sun headline

An Accident so Ghastly We Read it in The Baltimore Sun in 1911

Read about a ghastly accident that was so gruesome, it was reported in The Baltimore Sun in 1911. J.C. Wood, a Baltimore and Ohio railroad brakeman, was run over and killed instantly. The wheels of the cars had passed over it, cutting it almost in two.

A Look Back at the Southern Hotel Opening in 1918

Take a look back at the Southern Hotel opening in 1918 with this interesting article from Baltimore Sun detailing the real estate market of the time and the attempts to build a 45-story skyscraper.

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