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Tag: Baltimore in the 1920s

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1920 view of Baltimore Harbor from the air

Capturing History from Above: The Magnificent Baltimore Harbor in 1920

This blog post explores an aerial photograph of Baltimore Harbor taken in 1920 by Captain Albert William Stevens of the US Army Air Corps. The post highlights the significance of the photograph in capturing the grandeur of the bustling port during that era and the skill of Captain Stevens as a balloonist and aerial photographer. The post also touches on...

A Glimpse into Baltimore’s Past: Outdoor Stalls on Eutaw St. at Marion in the 1920s

Step back in time to the bustling streets of 1920s Baltimore with a captivating photo of outdoor stalls on Eutaw St. at Marion. Explore the vibrant street life, colorful storefronts, and lively crowds that defined the outdoor market scene in this era. Discover the role that outdoor markets have played in shaping the city's history, as well as the importance...

The Candy Kid and the Tiger Girl: The Rise and Fall of Richard and Margaret Whittemore

The Whittemore Gang was a notorious group of bank robbers on the east coast during the mid-1920s. Led by Richard Reese Whittemore, they went on a crime spree committing numerous crimes throughout New York and Maryland before they were capture and stopped in 1926. Read on to learn more about the rise and fall of Richard and Margaret Whittemore.

The Old French Consulate in Baltimore: A Look at the Building Today

Take a look at the old French Consulate in Baltimore. There's no longer a French Consulate in the city, but you can see a cool old photo of the then-new French Embassy on 16th St. in Washington. See the similarities and differences of the building today on Google Street View.

mmm, beer

The Seizure of 9,600 Bottles of Beer During Prohibition

In September of 1922, prohibition agents seized 9,600 bottles of beer from a vessel in regular service between Philadelphia and Baltimore. Read the full story of this historic seizure and discover why prohibition was such a horrible idea.

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