Baltimore history

The lost and untold history of Baltimore.

Notable People & Places

The Doors Live at the Lyric Theater in 1967

Digging through old newspaper archives, we came across this short piece in The Baltimore Sun from Sunday, October 8th, 1967. The group was to play the Lyric Theater the following Friday. We also shared...

Notable People & Places

Babe Ruth’s Uncle Killed His Father

Did you know that Babe Ruth's uncle killed his father George Herman Ruth, Sr?

Bizarre Baltimore

Former Oriole Convicted of Double Homicide

Do you know the story of a former Baltimore Oriole who was tried and convicted of a double murder?

We Love Maps

1910 Map of Central Baltimore

Curious what the city looked like over 100 years ago? Check out this old 1910 map of central Baltimore.

Pigtown in 1920

Faces & Places of Yesterday

1920s Film Footage of Pigtown

This is an incredible old film showing Baltimore’s Pigtown in the 1920s

Notable People & Places

Jim Palmer: Best Oriole Pitcher Ever

Remember Jim Palmer? Who doesn’t? He was the best pitcher ever to step on the mound wearing the orange and black. Maybe also the best ever to wear Jockey underwear? Take a look below...

Bizarre Baltimore

Richard “Candy Kid” Whittemore, Gang Leader Hanged in Baltimore

Before Bonnie and Clyde (i.e., Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow) captured the attention of a nation, we had Richard and Margaret, affectionately known as the Candy Kid and the Tiger Girl. They were arrested...

We Love Maps

1804 Map of Baltimore

Don’t miss this amazing old map of Baltimore from 1804.

Frederick Douglass High School

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Frederick Douglass High School in 1988

This is a terrific photo we dug up on Flickr. You’re looking at Frederick Douglass High School in West Baltimore, which was established in 1883. It’s the second-oldest high school in the country created...

Other Cool Stuff

Baltimore Skyline at Night From Emerson Tower

You're looking at the night skyline as seen from Emerson Tower in the 1920s. This has to be one of our recent favorites of Baltimore.