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The Fire-Bomb Murder of Six Seamen in a Thames Street Rooming House – The Baltimore Sun, October 5th, 1947

Baltimore Sun headline
This is the story of the fire-bomb murder of six seamen in a Baltimore rooming house in 1947. Read the original article from Baltimore Sun from October 5th, 1947, to learn more about this shocking crime.
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Baltimore Sun headline
Baltimore Sun headline

This is a crazy story, and I’m sure it’s been lost to history. This is an article that we dug up in the Baltimore Sun from October 5th, 1947.

 Three men yesterday were sentenced to life imprisonment in the Maryland Penitentiary in connection with the fire-bomb murder of six seamen in a Thames street rooming house last year.

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They are Walter Haas, 34, former official of a seamen’s union; Marty Vitko, 25, of Philadelphia, and Kennon W. Langham, 22, originally from Alabama.

The fire at Thames street occurred during a water-front strike. A week before a fire-bomb was set off in the house during the early morning hours a wrench had been thrown through a window of the house bearing a note which contained a threat against “finks” and “scabs.”

When Haas was tried and admitted throwing the wrench through the window, but denied he had any part in the fire, the prosecution showed that Haas left Baltimore a few hours after the fire in company with Vitko and Langham.

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