Local Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Kennedy

JFK and Jackie in Dallas, 1963

JFK and Jackie in Dallas, 1963

Source: Baltimore Post-Examiner

We wrote the other day about Kennedy’s visit to Baltimore at Patterson Park. Well, we found another story related to that visit in 1962, with a darker side. This is an article printed in The Baltimore Sun on October 11th, 1962.

Following a threat to kill President Kennedy during his Baltimore visit, police yesterday afternoon arrested a 27-year-old man near Patterson Park where the President’s helicopter landed.

The unarmed suspect was picked up in the 400 block South Linwood avenue about 3 P.M. as police and Secret Service men converged in the park to prepare for the President’s arrival.

He was taken to Southeastern Police Station and booked for investigation. Police continued to hold him last night without placing any charges.

The arrest followed a telephoned threat on the President’s life that was made to a newspaper earlier in the day.

A man with a husky voice said, “I’m going to shoot President Kennedy tonight in the parade.”

Police said the man in custody first claimed to be an undercover agent, then said he was a newspaper reporter. They were unable to link him immediately with the threatening phone call.

More than 1,400 local policemen were on hand to protect Mr. Kennedy during his brief Baltimore stay.

Wow … 1,400 policemen for the President? That sounds like an unnecessary army.