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Uncovering the Darker Side of Kennedy’s Visit to Baltimore in 1962

JFK and Jackie in Dallas, 1963
Uncovering the darker side of President Kennedy's visit to Baltimore in 1962 - learn about the threat on his life, the 1,400 policemen on guard, and the 27-year-old man arrested near Patterson Park in this article from The Baltimore Sun.
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We wrote the other day about Kennedy’s visit to Baltimore at Patterson Park. Well, we found another story related to that visit in 1962, with a darker side. This is an article printed in The Baltimore Sun on October 11th, 1962.

Following a threat to kill President Kennedy during his Baltimore visit, police yesterday afternoon arrested a 27-year-old man near Patterson Park where the President’s helicopter landed.

The unarmed suspect was picked up in the 400 block South Linwood avenue about 3 P.M. as police and Secret Service men converged in the park to prepare for the President’s arrival.

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He was taken to Southeastern Police Station and booked for investigation. Police continued to hold him last night without placing any charges.

The arrest followed a telephoned threat on the President’s life that was made to a newspaper earlier in the day.

A man with a husky voice said, “I’m going to shoot President Kennedy tonight in the parade.”

Police said the man in custody first claimed to be an undercover agent, then said he was a newspaper reporter. They were unable to link him immediately with the threatening phone call.

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More than 1,400 local policemen were on hand to protect Mr. Kennedy during his brief Baltimore stay.

Wow … 1,400 policemen for the President? That sounds like an unnecessary army.

JFK and Jackie in Dallas, 1963
JFK and Jackie in Dallas, 1963. Source: Baltimore Post-Examiner

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