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Circa 1903. "Baltimore from Federal Hill." A freight terminal (O'Donnell's Wharf) and the Patapsco flour mill. Detroit Publishing Co. glass negative.

A Closer Look at Baltimore Harbor in 1903

Explore Baltimore's history through photos with a closer look at Baltimore Harbor in 1903. See photographs of the freight terminal (O'Donnell's Wharf) and the Patapsco flour mill from Detroit Publishing Co. glass negative.

1920 view of Baltimore Harbor from the air

Capturing History from Above: The Magnificent Baltimore Harbor in 1920

This blog post explores an aerial photograph of Baltimore Harbor taken in 1920 by Captain Albert William Stevens of the US Army Air Corps. The post highlights the significance of the photograph in capturing the grandeur of the bustling port during that era and the skill of Captain Stevens as a balloonist and aerial photographer. The post also touches on...

Inside a 1905 Baltimore Streetcar

Photograph of the interior, from the front platform to the center, of a United Railways and Electric Company standard Brill semi-convertible car in Baltimore, Maryland.

Cruising the Baltimore Streets in a Jitney

Photograph taken of a loaded jitney bus traveling east on Fayette Street at its intersection with Gay Street in Baltimore, Maryland. One passenger each is standing on the rear and side footboards. A streetcar is stopped at the intersection (left).

Amazing Lost Baltimore Streetcars

Incredible series of photos from 1915 showing Baltimore streetcars across the city. Published by the president of the United Railways & Electric Company.

Annapolis view in 1896

A Beautiful View of Annapolis in 1896

Take a look at this stunning view of Annapolis in 1896! Explore the past with Ghosts of Baltimore and admire this beautiful view of the city from the Capitol. Source: Library of Congress.

Way Before Camden Yards, in 1905

What a lovely historical photo of Baltimore. You’re looking at the familiar scene of the Camden warehouse, now the backdrop to the loveliest ballpark in all of America.

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