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Exploring the Unsafe Practices of Jitneys in Baltimore in the 1910s

In the 1910s, the introduction of the automobile led to the adoption of jitneys as a preferred form of transportation in Baltimore. This post explores the unsafe practices of jitneys and how they encouraged people to stick with the streetcars.
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Streetcars were the primary form of transit within Baltimore in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As the 1910s progressed, the introduction of the automobile and the beginning of mass adoption led to it being a preferred form of transportation. It was faster and direct, though unsafe given the methods jitneys used to speed people through town.

This image was taken likely as a demonstration of unsafe practices of jitney drivers to encourage people to stick with the street cars.

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This jitney is turning at the intersection of Gay St. and Fayette St. Below is the Google Street View of the same intersection today.

Here’s another shot of a jitney taken around the same time.

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