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Explore Baltimore’s Streetcars in 1915 Through Digital Maryland’s Collection

Take a journey back in time and explore Baltimore's streetcars in 1915 with Digital Maryland's amazing collection of historical photos and manuscripts. Check out all the details and images here!
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Digital Maryland has an amazing collection of historical photos and manuscripts that you should check out. Here is a particularly fascinating series of photos from 1915 showing the streetcars of the city. These eight photos are from the first volume of a three-volume set of images capturing Baltimore streets and streetcars, most likely at the request of the president of the United Railways & Electric Company.

Caroline Street & Eastern Avenue

Caroline Street & Bank Street

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Falls Rd. near Hillside Rd.

Preston & Wolfe St. Bridge

Lexington St. & Little Sharp St.

Lexington St. & Charles St.

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Edmondson Ave.

Linden Ave.

Click on any of the images for a much larger, detailed version. They’re all quite amazing. If you’d like to see the source and all the images from this volume, head over to Digital Maryland.

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