Wild Italian Man Dances Naked in the Streets

naked dancing dude
naked dancing dude

How can you not click on a post with this title? That’s what we thought when we came across this amusing article in The Washington Post, printed on August 3rd, 1907.

Baltimore, Md., Aug. 2.–A man rushed up to Patrolman Geraghty as he was patrolling his post on Pratt street, near Center Market, shortly after 1 o’clock today and exclaimed: “Officer, officer, there’s a wild man up the street there!”

The patrolman, guided, or rather forwarded, by the excited citizen, who kept a good twenty paces in the rear, walked up Market space for about fifty yards, and then Geraghty saw that there was really something capering about in the shadows of the market house. For a moment the policeman regarded the queer object, and then, taking his spontoon, advanced.

The capering figure was that of a man, short and muscularly built, and without a stitch of clothing on him. He did no perceive the policeman until the latter touched him on the shoulder, and then he turned only to find his arms pinioned. For a few moments Geraghty struggled with the nude figure, but finally placed nippers on his wrists and mastered him.

The prisoner was taken to the Central police station. His name, he said, was Joseph Florio. He is forty-eight years old, and a native of Italy. For a time he appeared to be in his right mind, and admitted that he had been drinking heavily. Then he became incoherent again, and said the “spirits told him to take off his clothes and dance.”

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