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Uncovering the History of Baltimore’s Oriole Cafeterias

Oriole cafeteria map of Baltimore (1947)
Explore the history of Baltimore's Oriole Cafeterias between 1922 and 1975. We uncovered two interesting items from the Johns Hopkins archive - a map and a brochure - to learn more about these iconic eateries.
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These are two interesting items that we found in the Johns Hopkins archive. No, these aren’t Baltimore Orioles baseball maps. There used to be a few Oriole Cafeterias in the city between 1922 and 1975. The first one was at 22 Light St., another was located at 17 East Baltimore St., supplanted the first, another was at 306 N Howard St., and a third at 11 East North Ave.

Oriole cafeteria map of Baltimore (1947)
Oriole cafeteria map of Baltimore (1947)
Oriole cafeteria brochure (1947)
Oriole cafeteria brochure (1947)
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Source: Johns Hopkins Library

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