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The Real Haunted House on Aliceanna Street: A Tale from the Baltimore Sun

Aliceanna St.
This is a tale of a real haunted house on Aliceanna Street in Baltimore, printed in the Baltimore Sun on September 11th, 1919. Read on to find out more about the ghostly visitor and the families who have attempted to live in the house.
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Here’s a tale of a real haunted house. We don’t normally write about real ghosts, just the metaphorical ones, but every now and then, we’ll come across something to share.

This is an article, printed in the Baltimore Sun on September 11th, 1919.

Despite the shortage of houses, there’s a house in this city in which no one will live. There’s only one thing the matter with the house–it is said to be haunted.

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The house is on Aliceanna street, between Wolfe and Washington. Of course, the neighborhood isn’t what it used to be; neither is the house. A few windows are broken, the door is boarded up and the red paint is rather rusty-looking, but that’s probably because no one has lived in the place for two years. It is safe to say, though, that a tenant with the temerity to brave the “ghosts” will not be bothered with high rent, and probably will not have to worry about moving out to allow a better-paying tenant to move in.

Back in the days when Aliceanna street was the leading residential street o f that part of the city the house was occupied.

Now the only sound is the eerie tramp of the ghost. Whose ghost it is no one seems to know, but that there is a ghost is common gossip in the neighborhood. The unearthly visitor is said to make periodical pilgrimages to the scene. A light has been seen shining through the windows about midnight, which is the time all ghosts prowl.

At least a half-dozen families are sure about the ghost. They have every reason to know because, at various times, during the past two years, they have moved into the house. But they never stayed long. One or two visits from the ghost was enough and they moved out.

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Some say the ghost is that of a miser who lived there in seclusion. Others say the ghost is that of a witch and that she visits the house by coming down the chimney. Both may be right but all who have attempted to live in the house are sure about the ghost.

Anyone have an idea which house this is?

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