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Exploring Baltimore’s Then & Now: Maryland Ave. & 25th St.

Take a journey back in time with us as we explore the intersection of Maryland Ave. and 25th St. in Baltimore, comparing an old photo from 1908 to today's Google Street View. See which houses are still standing and their current value!
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We love these then and now shots looking at what Baltimore was like 100 years ago. First, look at the intersection today on Google Street View.

Now, here’s the old photo. This one shows the intersection of Maryland Ave. and 25th St. back on February 15th, 1908, almost exactly 111 years ago!

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Amazing right? Here’s another angle of the intersection.

Those row houses are still standing and you can check some of them out on Zillow. The one a couple in from the corner one with the turret is valued at about $250K.

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