Wild Dog Shot and Killed in Northeast Baltimore

This is a crazy story that we came across in The Baltimore Sun, not unlike a story we found for Ghosts of DC. This was printed on Mar 17th, 1925.

A dog believed to have had rabies ran wild in Northeast Baltimore for more than an hour yesterday, biting six children and a man. The animal was killed by Patrolman William H. Peters.

When police were notified the dog was at Washington and Lanvale streets. Patrolman Peters chased it through streets and alleys for a half hour. At Harford and North avenues the dog turned to attack the patrolman. Peters fired, the bullet striking the animal in the body.

The dog again started to run, with the patrolman in pursuit. In the rear of the 2100 block Harford avenue [sic] Peters again fired, his shot this time killing the animal.

Three of the persons injured by the dog were ordered to take the Pasteur treatment.

Another child, 6 years old, was bitten by a stray dog on the Belair road about the same time.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Pasteur Treatment, it is an unpleasant way to stave off rabies.

rabid dog

rabid dog