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Rabid Dog Runs Wild in Baltimore: The 1925 Story of the Pasteur Treatment

rabid dog
This is a crazy story from 1925 about a rabid dog running wild in Baltimore and the Pasteur Treatment that was used to stave off rabies. Read the full story here!
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This is a crazy story that we came across in The Baltimore Sun, not unlike a story we found for Ghosts of DC. This was printed on Mar 17th, 1925.

A dog believed to have had rabies ran wild in Northeast Baltimore for more than an hour yesterday, biting six children and a man. The animal was killed by Patrolman William H. Peters.

When police were notified the dog was at Washington and Lanvale streets. Patrolman Peters chased it through streets and alleys for a half hour. At Harford and North avenues the dog turned to attack the patrolman. Peters fired, the bullet striking the animal in the body.

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The dog again started to run, with the patrolman in pursuit. In the rear of the 2100 block Harford avenue [sic] Peters again fired, his shot this time killing the animal.

Three of the persons injured by the dog were ordered to take the Pasteur treatment.

Another child, 6 years old, was bitten by a stray dog on the Belair road about the same time.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Pasteur Treatment, it is an unpleasant way to stave off rabies.

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rabid dog
rabid dog

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