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The Story of William M. Miller, the Baltimore Patrolman Who Stopped a Runaway Horse in 1922

runaway horse!
Read the incredible story of William M. Miller, the Baltimore patrolman who stopped a runaway horse in 1922. We also did a little research and found him in the 1909 city directory living at 312 S. Smallwood St.
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runaway horse!
runaway horse!

Check out this crazy story from the Baltimore Sun. It was printed on July 15th, 1922.

In view of hundreds of shoppers on North Howard street yesterday, Patrolman William M. Miller stopped a runaway horse that imperiled the lives of scores of persons.

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The horse, drawing a wagon loaded with empty barrels and driven by a negro, bolted when midway between Mulberry and Saratoga streets. As the animal reached Saratoga street Patrolman Miller, who was directing traffic, leaped from his semaphore box and grasped the reins. The wagon struck the box, hurling it against a building 20 feet away.

Tugging at the bridle Miller was dragged 30 feet, when the horse crashed into the automobile of A. E. Henderson, 229 North Howard street, from which two men had just jumped. Several persons then came to the patrolman’s aid and the horse was subdued.

George Waters, 1023 South Howard street, driver of the horse, was charged with driving while drunk.

Patrolman Miller, who has been stationed at Howard and Saratoga streets for eight years, is a familiar figure to automobilists. About three months ago he was hurled from his semaphore box and severely injured when the trolley rope of a street car became entangled in his signals.

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We were able to do a little research on Miller and found him in the 1909 city directory living at 312 S. Smallwood St.

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